Welcome in my world

My name is Félix Desjardins and I am a student in tourism management, as well as a developer and a transport enthusiast.

First of all, discover my interests and strengths, then my projects. After, give a try at one of my articles or contact me.

My interests

  • Technologies

    I have always loved technology, I love to follow its evolution and be on the lookout for the latest news, and also to use my knowledge to provide applications for all.
  • Tourism

    This is the field where I study and where I am currently working in. I love being able to create experiences that make people happy.
  • Transports

    Since I was young, I learned to take the train, the bus and the metro. This passion has stayed, as I continue to discover more about transportation all over the world.

What I am good at

  • Graphic design

    Using my creativity and my knowledge, I am able to create a ton of visuals involving graphic design. I have worked on park maps, signage system and more.
  • GTFS - General Transit Feed Specification

    Thanks to my projects, I have been able to develop a good skill with the GTFS specification, in analysis and compilation of raw data. This data is used by public transport companies around the world to share planned schedules and real time about their agency.
  • Front End and Backend coding

    I only speak two languages, but I am able to write in several computer languages, both on the client side (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and on the server side (PHP, NodeJS)! I specialize in VueJS, Nuxt and Laravel.

My projects

Transit Tracker

An overview of the public transportation network for several major Canadian cities

By combining open data from several public transit agencies across the country, Transit Tracker allows you to see several hundred or even several thousand vehicles on a single map or in the same list. This is my biggest project to date, in development since November 2018.

Technologies used GTFS / Protobuf Vuetify


An open-source manager of links and QR codes for companies

This project was born from a lack of an easy and free solution to manage links and QR codes. LinksDB allows the management of links and QR codes, while keeping basic statistics on visits. The application is based on serverless technology, which allows rapid and free (or inexpensive) deployment.

Technologies used Nuxt.js

Extras Catcher

A collaborative platform to find all the STM's "secret" trips

The STM publishes a static GTFS dataset containing the planned timetables for most of its lines, but industrial lines or schools are excluded. Using real-time data and the collaboration of several transport enthusiasts, it is possible to create a complete static game very quickly!

Technologies used Livewire Alpine.js GTFS / Protobuf

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